The aim of the Werdnig Hoffman Association is ...

..... to represent and support people with physical disabilities from Romania and their families, respectively to integrate persons with physical handicap in society.

 To ensure complex social assistance concerning persons with physical handicap.
2. To organise information campaigns and provide counselling. 
3. To facilitate medical care with employed staff and insured medicines.
4. To ensure and support acces to education for people with physical handicap.
5. To increase the awareness of the population regarding the specific issued chidren and adults with physical disabilities are confronted with, in order to protect them and integrate them in society.
6. To collaborate with other similar organizations and people from the country and abroad, preoccupied by the same issues.
7. To organise cultural and entertaining events, trips, etc.
8. To create the material base and to ensure the necessary financial resources in order to reach the objectives of the association.
9. To fund and organise activities with other similar purposes, depending on the association resources, as agreed by the management.  To organise a club for youth with physical handicap.
10. To train young volunteers for different kind of projects.
11. To organise a sports club so that the association can participate at different sports events.
12. Other activities that are in conformity with the main purpose of the association.